Doctor Strange is a superhero appearing in Marvel Comics. Doctor Strange is one of Marvel’s best films to date. The character is essayed by Benedict Cumberbatch and he does a fabulous job as he impresses us with his acting prowess.

Here are a few lessons to learn from Doctor Strange

1. Preconceived notions are frequently incorrect

Doctor Strange has long been opposed to any form of healing that contradicts what he believes he knows, he discards it and dismisses it as foolishness. He doesn’t resort to more alternative means of treatment until he’s utterly desperate.

Similarly, we frequently reject information that we do not already possess – which is paradoxical, given that if we already had it, we would not have needed to look in the first place. You never really get to know someone’s entire narrative; you only get to see the page that is currently available to you. Instead of assuming, we should assist them in changing their route to a more positive one.

2. Never, ever give up

Doctor Strange is an excellent example of how our worst failures and greatest talents are often inextricably linked. Strange isn’t the most powerful sorcerer yet nor the most learned one. However, he is the most determined.

We have no control over whether or not we are the smartest, fastest, or most attractive person in the room. The only thing we have control over is how much effort we put forward. If we keep pushing forward and figuring out what the next step is, nice things will happen.

3. It’s Not Always About Us

In many ways, “Doctor Strange” is a film about a narcissist learning to put others before himself. When attaining what we want isn’t in the best interests of others, we may have to realize that the universe doesn’t revolve around our whims or desires. There is more to life than success, and sometimes the only way to truly be first in life is to put yourself last. Pain can sometimes have a purpose.

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