Daily inspirational quotes are a terrific approach to keeping inspired and motivated to work towards our objectives. Here are 15+ inspirational quotations that get you motivated and keep you there. These quotes, which range from the sage counsel of Winston Churchill to the uplifting proverbs of Theodore Roosevelt, serve as a constant reminder to never give up, have faith in oneself, and strive diligently to realize our goals. These quotations provide us the drive and inspiration we need to keep progressing, whether we’re aiming for success in our personal or professional life.

“Success is not definitive, failure is not fatal: what counts is the fortitude to go on.” —Winston Churchill

“If you believe you can, half the battle is won.” Roosevelt, Theodore

“Don’t let yesterday dominate today too much.” (Will Rogers)

“Loving what you do is the only way to perform an outstanding job.” Stephen Jobs

“Stop asking for permission if you want to be great.” – Not known

“Strive to be of usefulness, not to be successful.” Einstein, Albert

“You miss all of your shots You refuse to take.” Gretzky, Wayne

“Creating your future is the best way to forecast it.” Abraham Lincoln

“Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.”- Roosevelt, Theodore

“Only our present-day doubts will prevent us from realizing our dreams for the future.” Roosevelt, Franklin D.

“Although I can’t control the wind’s direction, I can always reach my objective by adjusting my sails.” (Jimmy Dean)

“Believe in who you are as a whole. Recognize that you possess a force bigger than any challenge.” Christ D. Larson

“Success is moving without losing passion from failure to failure.” —William Churchill

“While you can’t start again and change the past, you can start where you are and make changes to the “ending.” —C.S. Lewis

“Don’t squander your limited time living someone else’s life,” advised Steve Jobs.

These sayings serve as a reminder that happiness and success are attainable if we have the appropriate attitude and put in the necessary effort to achieve them. Even when things are difficult, they motivate us to keep moving forward.

Hence, daily quotes can provide us with the inspiration and drive we require to carry on with our lives. These quotations serve as a reminder that anything is achievable if we have faith in our abilities and put forth the necessary effort to achieve our objectives, whether we are aiming for success in our professional or personal lives.