For some women, the thrill of finally having a warm and cuddly newborn can be tempered by feelings about their own bodies changing.

The question of why women gain weight after pregnancy has always been a source of debate, with some inconclusive results. While it’s totally normal and even suggested to gain a little weight during pregnancy, reducing weight after the baby is delivered can be stressful and tough.

Weight increase after pregnancy can be explained by a variety of medical conditions.

Here are a few reasons why women gain weight after pregnancy

1. Stress

Taking care of a newborn can be exhausting. The stress caused by the increased responsibilities causes a biological reaction in the body.

This causes the production of chemicals such as cortisol, which increases appetite and causes the body to store additional fat around the abdomen, thickening the mom pouch.

2. Depression

Depression can develop as a result of hormonal changes in the body after pregnancy. From mild episodes to psychosis, postpartum depression can affect anybody. Emotional eating causes weight gain in those who are depressed.

3. Thyroid

Thyroid disorders affect approximately 5-7 percent of pregnant women.

This illness, also known as postpartum thyroiditis, causes hormone levels to fluctuate. Weight gain is caused by an underactive thyroid, which may require therapy after pregnancy if the problem persists.

4. Lifestyle choices

A constant weight increase after pregnancy can be attributed to lifestyle choices such as eating your child’s leftovers and engaging in inactive hobbies such as reading or watching movies with your children.

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