Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like: brushing your teeth without water. Use a body brush to gently massage your body upwards (look for one with firm, natural bristles). This procedure, according to Dickman, brightens the complexion and improves the effectiveness of your moisturizer by removing dead skin. The brush, as well as your skin, should be dry when you do it, as the name suggests.

Although dry brushing isn’t the be-all and end-all for flawless skin, it does have its own set of advantages, including plumping and exfoliation.

1. Boosts circulation: If your skin turns red after dry brushing, it’s not merely a sign of discomfort, and it’s nothing to be concerned about. Increased circulation in the regions you’ve been dry brushing causes redness, which is just a little inflammation. Simply put, your body is directing more blood to those places.

2. Dry brushing can help with lymphatic drainage, in addition to giving you radiant skin. Lymph fluid is carried in all blood and filters through the lymph nodes. Dry brushing increases the pace of blood circulation, which aids in the movement of lymph through the body, allowing toxins and infections to be removed more quickly.

3. Exfoliates dead skin: Dry brushing, like all exfoliation procedures, removes the day’s debris and oil, as well as dead skin cells. As a result, cell turnover is enhanced, and the skin appears more radiant and smooth.

4. Many people claim that dry brushing makes their cellulite less evident because of the transient plumping effect it has on the skin. It can even aid with the look of sun damage.

Exfoliation should be done with prudence in general. If you have exceptionally sensitive skin or suffer from eczema, psoriasis, or other serious skin diseases, avoid dry brushing because it might aggravate your symptoms and cause more discomfort.

Brushing too hard and too often can also irritate the skin. While your skin will redden as a result of dry brushing, skin abrasions are not to be expected. Finally, avoid touching an open cut on your skin to avoid spreading bacteria and illness.

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