Running has a lot of advantages like improved fitness and heart health, weight loss, and increased immune function, and relaxation from stress and anxiety. But for all its positive characteristics, it can also be hard on the body. Running can cause pain in the thighs, there are various causes for this pain.


1) Hip Flexor Strain

A hip flexor strain is an acute pain that arises when the muscle fibers are overstretched, resulting in the muscle fibers tearing. Symptoms of a muscle strain can be mild, moderate, or serious, depending on how many injuries were done.

2) Hip Flexor Tendinitis

Overuse is a major cause of hip flexor strain in runners. The repetitive action of lifting the leg and flexing the hip places a lot of stress on the hip flexors, which potentially leads to inflammation. With an overuse injury, the pain comes on slowly and worsens over time.

3) Quadriceps and Hamstrings Strain

An acute injury can result in a strain in the quadriceps and hamstrings. Often, running too far or too speedily before your body is ready can cause these injuries.

Treatment for the pain caused by running:

1) Rest

Take it easy if it’s giving you too much pain. If you keep on running, your injury may get worse. Instead select alternative ways to exercise while you heal, such as swimming or cycling.

2) Ice and cold therapy

Apply ice packs to decrease pain, rashes, and swelling. Putting ice will make you feel good.

3) Compression

Cover the affected area with tape and use splints and supports to prevent swelling and stabilize the affected area.

4) Elevate

If your leg is painful, or if you have sprained your ankle or hurt your foot, elevate it to reduce swelling.

5) Stretch

To decrease pain and tension of the affected area, gently stretch and massage the injured area. Don’t try to push yourself too much through the pain. If you notice discomfort and too much pain, take a break from running. If the discomfort continues, seek care from your healthcare provider.

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