Everyone wants to live a happy and creative life. So here are 5 ways on how you can live a creative as well as a happy life.

1. Focus on the positive

In order to find long term happiness you need to let go of your negative thoughts and refrain others negative thoughts from entering your mind. When you feel positive energy vibrating through you, you’d feel the need to do something creative in life.

2. Be creative

When you engage in creative activities on a regular basis, you’d feel happier and livelier. The people who spend their time on imagination and creativity tend to have more enthusiasm and a sense of happiness in life.

3. Do what you love

Do the things that you love and find happiness in the things that you do. Do not waste your time on a job which does not give you happiness. Work on building your career which motivates you and gives you a good amount of satisfaction.

4. Live in the moment

Thoughts often stray from past to future. But what is truly important is the moment you are currently experiencing, what you are going through at the moment. You can fully engage yourself in your lives when you learn to stay in the present.

5. Surprise yourself

When you are bored or are feeling low in life, you are unlikely to feel happy in life. So, go ahead and set goals that are outside your comfort zone which will make you feel stimulated, interested and a little surprised in life.

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