The world has been shut down for almost 9 months now due to the global pandemic. Every nation has suffered a blow on its economy and some have suffered a huge loss of human life. All the businesses have taken at least a little hit from this outburst. As the whole world is still stumbling to recover from coronavirus there are some nations to managed to escape the destruction of this virus. Here are some nations that followed strict protocols and beat coronavirus: –

  • New Zealand – On June 8th, the New Zealand’s prime minister announced that last of its COVID-19 patient has recovered and there were no current active cases. This country had imposed a strict lockdown for nearly 49 days in which most of the facilities and businesses were shut down and all the civilians except the essential workers had to stay home.
  • The Vatican – On 6th July, the state of Vatican stated that all of their 12 COVID patients have recovered the entire place was COVID free. There were no deaths reported in this nation. Pope Francis addressed the people a day later for the first time since the emergency began.
  • Fiji – Fiji was one of the nations that took early measures to deal with this virus. Fiji declared its war against COVID was over in the first week of June with no deaths. It was quick to put up the ongoing border restrictions.
  • Turkmenistan – This may seem incredibly hard to believe, but this nation has reported zero COVID cases since its beginning. It had stopped accepting flights from China and other at-risk nations from February itself. The government also tentatively suspended trains and closed the borders to stop any passengers to enter by land.
  • Tanzania – This African nation claims to have beaten the coronavirus with the power of God. The president of Tanzania declared on June 7th that the nation was COVID free and the tally of its COVID cases stopped to 509 after the nation stop sharing the numbers openly. But now the president has publicly declared that Tanzania is free of COVID.

These are the nations that took early measure and didn’t wait for anything big to happen before taking precautions. They proved that preventions are always better than a cure. All the superpowers failed to beat this virus but these small nations sure pulled it off. We must all look up to these nations and start taking measures now because it is never too late!!