Nowadays due to continuous contact of our eyes with screens, they tend to become unhealthy and the vision is weakened. There are many natural things which you can do to boost your eyesight health and your vision. Eating a balanced and healthy diet which is the rich in antioxidants and vitamin A is considered to be good for boosting eyesight and maintaining health. Leafy vegetables, carrot and fish are proved to aid in maintaining eye health. There are no such remedies with which you can completely correct your eyesight, but you can surely increase the health of eyes. There are many lifestyle changes that affect your eyesight like getting enough sleep, working out regularly, avoid smoking and eating a balanced healthy diet.

There are many myths regarding correcting your eyesight or avoiding to wear glasses or contacts increase your suffering from myopia or hypermetropia by doing eye exercises, eating carrots and training your eyes without glasses, most of these techniques have not proven to be effective in the long run. All this makes sure that your eyes improve gradually and there is no further damage. Yoga asanas are known to improve the functioning of organs. There are various exercises that you can follow India Today live to make sure that your eyes are healthy.

Here below are a few exercises you can follow on for improving your eyesight and keeping your eyes healthy: –

  • Power yoga exercises for eyes – Note that before you start your exercises, splash your eyes with cold water and keep your head and spine straight throughout the exercises
  • Palming – In this exercise, you have to sit quietly, with eyes closed. Now vigorously rub your hands until their warm and place gently over the eyelids. Place them until the heat of your palm is completely transferred to eyes and repeat the steps several times.
  • Rotational viewing – In this exercise, you have to sit with your legs straight in front. Raise right thumb from down to up to the sky and folly it with your eyes. And eventually, bring it back down.
  • Near and distance viewing – Sit near a window, set up your view and focus your view on something and try to concentrate on it.
  • Nose tip preliminary gazing – In this exercise, you have to concentrate your eyesight on your nose tip. Stay on for few seconds and then relax your eyes. Repeat the step as desired.
  • The upward and downward direction – In this exercise, you have to relax your eyes and move them in an upward and downward direction. This might give your eyes relaxation and give good health.

Often, when we take care of ourselves, we most likely ignore our eyes. These tips should help in covering those faults and make you see better.