The fact of current working life typically entails a lot of lounging and little regular movement. Which is why finding inventive methods to walk more every day that are both feasible and practical can frequently have a far greater impact on our wellbeing than high-intensity fitness programs that we abandon after a few days.

And recent research suggests that compensating for a whole day of sitting with 60 minutes or so of intense physical activity isn’t as beneficial to our long-term wellbeing as merely moving in little amounts more frequently throughout the day. If you work at a desktop all day and want to get more exercise,

Here are ways to try moving more in daily life.

1. Increase the volume of the music.

While doing tasks like strolling or jogging, many of us enjoy listening to music. Enhance the speed at which you do your motions to get most out of it. Listening to songs with a higher pace is also a terrific method to ramp up the pace.

2. Use the stairwell.

Climbing stairs rather than the lift raises your pulse rate, promotes physical balance and strengthens your lower body. You can also perform some foot lifts off the tip of a step for calves’ flexibility, or ascend the stairs two or three at a time if you’re feeling cheeky and have a few moments.

3. Get a dog with a lot of stamina.

You will be forced to walk more if you have a dog. And besides, you’ll need to take it outside minimum once a day to keep it fit. This will benefit both sides.

4. While joining sessions, combine walking and talking.

Simply plug in your earphones, put your phone in your bag or pocket, and walk instead of resting and staring at the monitor. If you work from home, don’t be concerned. Take advantage of your intervals to go for a walk while conversing with co-worker.

5. Place your car in a distant location.

Walking while visiting the neighbouring areas such as supermarkets or malls is another option to improve your step counts. Furthermore, if you drive to work, you can park it a couple of miles away and walk the whole way.

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