A scab is the crusty layer or plaque that is formed on the wound. It protects the wound as it heals. Applying moisturizer such as Vaseline prevents the wound from scabbing over. Wounds with scabs are unpleasant, annoying and might feel itchy around the scab.

Here are some ways on how to remove the scabs quickly by helping the wounds heal faster.

1. Keep the scab clean

Ensure that the scab and the area around is clean. In case of exposure to dirt or sweat, make sure to clean it with warm water, mild soap and gently pat it dry. Don’t touch the scab unless necessary.

2. Don’t pick or scrub at the scab

Itchy scabs may cause some people to scratch, scrub or pick up the scab. To reduce the itchiness, dab the scab gently with wet, clean or dry cloth. Even though picking on the scab might seem tempting, it delays the healing process and might increase the risk of scarring.

3. Apply a compress

Applying a warm compress on the scab promotes circulation of blood to the wound which brings fresh oxygen and rejuvenates the cells, speeding up the healing process. Cold compress lowers inflammation and pain around the scab.

4. Moisturise the scab

Keeping the wound moisturised works in healing the damaged skin as it prevents the skin from drying out. It promotes healing and lowers scar formation.

5. Cover the scab only when necessary

Usually, after the formation of scab, it is covered only when it tears, oozes or bleeds. However, the people who are physically active tend to cover the scab, to prevent further injury due to sports or exercise.

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