The long-term disease is where the skin begins to lose its pigment. Where skin will become patches and transform into pale white color and occur in several parts of the body. The hair on the skin and internal parts of the mouth and nose also transform into pale white color.

Here is prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for vitiligo


Consuming a ton of water can improve the body’s immune system that can avoid vitiligo.

Eating green leafy vegetables, and fruits like bananas, apples can avoid vitiligo.

To avoid the appearance of white patches prevents consuming liquor, coffee, fish, red meat.

Eating food that comprises vitamin B, C, amino acids and Folic acids can avoid these white patches.

Putting in minerals like copper, zinc, iron in your diet will also help.

The skin pigment cells are eradicated when the skin is impacted by injuries, burns, sunburns. That can result in vitiligo. Preventing deep skin injuries and burns will prevent vitiligo.


Vitiligo does not have a lasting cure, the medication is only to avoid spreading vitiligo.

Solution for vitiligo helps better if it begins at an early stage which can be 2-3 months after starting. If the white spots are formulating slowly then doctors can deal with it very soon than other vitiligo cases.

If the skin portions contain more hair then the possibilities of curing vitiligo are high when related to the skin parts with less hair because the pigments in the hair will depart to the upper area of the skin to repigment the skin.

The best parts of skin that are healed very quickly are the Face, Chest, Arms, legs. But hands, wrist, feet, hips have rare possibilities of healing after treatment.

Types of treatments

Non-cultured epidermal cellular drafting, steroid creams, Uv therapy, excimer laser, depigmentation, micro tattooing.


Your consultant will inquire about your medical record and evaluate your skin, probably with a special lamp. Your evaluation might also comprise a skin biopsy and blood tests.

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