When we talk about Instagram influencers, the first thing that comes to our mind is clothes, makeup, food and travel but we often forget that there are few more categories in the set of influencers and one of them is fitness influencers. Following are some of the top Instagram fitness influencers, These creators offer exercise videos, workout tips and health dos and don’ts. They also advertise their favourites sports and fitness products, ranging from home gym equipment to supplements.

· Shilpa Shetty

Yoga trainer- Endorses the idea of eating healthy food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Followers– 17.5 Million


· Michelle Lewin

Fitness trainer- she has her own product lines like workout gear, gym equipment and health supplements and has also written a few books and created some fitness apps.

Followers– 13.6 Million


· Simeon Panda

Fitness expert- He posts on Instagram account includes workout videos and how-tos and photos featuring his personal clothing line.

Followers– 6.8 Million


· Dylan Werner

Yoga teacher- Travels the world teaching workshops and hosting yoga retreats. He also partners with many fitness- and yoga-centric products and companies.

Followers– 751k


· Yasmin Karachiwala

Celebrity fitness trainer- She constantly posts relevant content including body area targeted exercises for anyone who wants a sneak peek into what it’s like to be trained by her.

Followers– 858k


· Paige Hathaway

Fitness influencer- She is known for showing off her changing body during her pregnancy. Since the birth, she’s earned respect for proving that not all women just bounce back to their pre-baby shapes.

Followers– 3.9 Million


· Joe Wicks

The body coach- He’s a person with a goal to encourage healthy living and his goal is to get at least one new person to exercise or cook a healthy meal every day.

Followers– 3.8 million


· Sahil Khan
Fitness coach- Sahil Khan was felicitated with the Rajiv Gandhi award for India’s Fitness Icon.

Followers– 5.7 million


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