The very first step when you get to know that you are pregnant is to organise a early prenatal care. Find yourself an approachable and a qualified gynecologists’, and a birthing or maternity centre for proper care and guidance. Make a proper plan for consulting the doctor, ultrasound scan and test well in advance. The second and the most important step to follow is planning a healthy diet. Make sure that you eat wholesome and nutritious food. Eating nutritious food is very important for the health of your baby and to ensure optimal care of yourself during pregnancy.

Eat whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, eggs, organic meat and dairy products. Avoid junk food and alcohol. Third step is to keep yourself hydrated, drink plenty of water. Keeping yourself hydrated helps to maintain amniotic fluids level. Drinking less water may result in morning sickness, tiredness, cramps and contraction during 2nd and third trimester.

As per the suggestions of your gynecologists’ take prenatal supplements, to ensure that you and the baby are getting all the necessary nutrients. Most of these supplements have folic acid which helps in reducing the risk of birth defect. Exercise regularly as it helps in curbing the demand of labour and motherhood. Exercising doesn’t mean heavy cardio workouts. Keep your exercise light. Practice simple yogasanas, walking or swimming. Make sure you consult your doctor before exercising. 30-45 minutes of exercise will increase blood circulation and your baby will receive oxygen rich blood.

Rest is very important during this crucial time. Rest should not only be physical but also be mental. Make sure you are mentally calm and healthy. Having a healthy mind results in healthy body. Maintain hygiene around you, wear comfortable clothes. Following these basic steps will surely help you with your pregnancy
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