Individuals who run after happiness frequently feel like they need more time in the day, which incomprehensibly causes them to feel sad since they spend maximum time pursuing happiness, an examination has found. Lately, we’ve seen so many researchers uncovering the precise reasons on how good sentiments like joy are beneficial for us. We realize that they inspire us to seek after significant objectives and defeat deterrents, shield us from certain impacts of stress, associate us intimately with others, and even fight off physical and mental afflictions. Happiness is mainstream. In any case, is joy in every case great? Could feeling too great or happy actually be terrible?

It is not wrong to be happy. It is important that we are always happy and satisfied no matter what life puts us through. But when we dedicate our sole purpose of life towards pursuing happiness, we miss out on other important features of life. We work day and night so that we can get a promotion at work. We study all day to score maximum marks in the test without any playtime. Likewise, we exert ourselves in search of happiness. If hard work pays off, you become happy and satisfied. However, if your hard work and perseverance still do not get you what you want, you will end up being dejected and unhappy.

So, seeking happiness this way is very tricky since the outcome can’t be pleasant all the time. Even if you are prepared for failure, you will still feel hopeless and unhappy. That is why you should focus on learning and growing while pursuing your goals. You have to enjoy and feel every moment in your journey towards your dreams. That way you will make some beautiful memories as well. You will get to learn and gain valuable lessons. Even if you end up getting failed, you won’t be gaining ‘nothing’. And hence you will not be unhappy eventually.