The growing toddlers are very active; they cant stay in one place as they learn to walk and crawl. When they are not sleeping, they will keep doing some or the other thing. The continuous motion and work make them tired, so you should feed them with healthy meals that would help to build energy and make them feel happy. Here, check out some healthy meal options.

1) Porridge: Porridge includes essential fibers and proteins like Oats, quinoa, or millet. Just simply cook with milk and add fresh fruits for added vitamins and a delightful taste.

2) The Colourful Veggies: Undoubtedly, veggies are very important for growing toddlers. Steam or boil the vegetables like carrots, peas, and broccoli, which are high in vitamins and minerals content. These are gold for eye health and also easy to chew.

3) Fruit Pudding: Make healthy pudding for kids. Mash fruits like bananas, pears, and apples. Don’t add sugar, as they are naturally sweet. Add some yoghurt to make the pudding creamy, and serve.

4) Fruits: Fruits are very good for health. It will help the toddlers to be hydrated and make them feel cool in the warm weather.

5) Egg: Soft-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs, both offer immense protein. The healthy fats can be cooked easily; you can serve them with chapati or toast.

6) Dairy Products: These are good fats for the toddlers. Feed them yoghurt with soft cheese and make them fully energetic and happy throughout.