The inability or the loss of bladder control is what is referred to as urinary incontinence. This is a common problem and the severity varies across people who experience it. Having urinary incontinence could be an embarrassing problem and here are a few simple remedies to heal this problem.

1) Pressure point

In the legs, there is a nerve that is related to the urge to urinate. When you get the sudden urge to urinate, sit down and press the right ankle on the left shin and maintain the pressure for a few minutes.

2) Get fit

Getting fit is yet another way to deal with urinary incontinence. Losing weight if you are overweight is an essential step towards reducing the severity of your incontinence. This is because the excess belly fat puts pressure on the bladder and pelvic muscles and shedding a few pounds can help restore bladder control.

3) Increase intake of Vitamin D

Vitamin D promotes calcium intake which makes it less likely to face the incontinence problem. Therefore one must include vitamin D in their diet.

4) Fennel infusions

Another simple way to solve the problem of incontinence is to prepare an infusion of two tablespoons of fennel in one cup of water.

5) Horsetail

Horsetail is a herb that can help to deal with urinary incontinence. The herb contains astringent properties which can be ingested as a remedy to alleviate problems associated with urinary incontinence.

6) Schedule toilet trips

One of the simple remedies to heal urinary incontinence is to schedule your trips to the toilet. This is a great way to train your bladder.

Here are remedies to deal with urinary incontinence.

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