Everyone is trying different kinds of remedies and solutions to keep themselves safe from COVID. Some are just made up by ignorant individuals and those remedies can do more harm than any good. However, some of the home remedies can be beneficial to your health and can prove to be groundbreaking in defeating coronavirus. But how do you distinguish between myths and true remedies for covid19? Everything we see on the internet or social media is not 100% true. This is why you have to be careful while trying anything you see online. Here is the solution to that question:-

  • MYTHS –

  • Vitamin C cures the coronavirus – It was believed that Vitamin C had a healing effect against the SARS virus. Vitamin C does have a positive impact in strengthening our immunity but it doesn’t cure coronavirus.
  • Wearing mask guarantees you are safe – It is a common misconception among the people that wearing a mask will protect them from the virus. Truth is that masks should be worn to avoid the spread of coronavirus. A person wearing a mask can still be affected.
  • Only old people are affected – All the people of any age can be affected by the coronavirus. Kids and elderly people are indeed more vulnerable to it, but also adults are affected as well, however, their probability of dying is less due to a stronger immune system.
  • Eating garlic prevents coronavirus – WHO has already released its views on garlic as a cure for coronavirus. There is no certain proof to back the claim that garlic can cure coronavirus.
  • Summer will see the decline of the virus – The previous SARS and MERS virus indeed survived better in a cold environment but the same can’t be said about covid-19. Covid-19 is reported to spread in cold as well as warm environments.
  • Drinking warm water prevents you from coronavirus – Symptoms for coronavirus are fever, dry cough, trouble breathing, chest pain or cold. Hot water baths and drinking warm water can surely make you feel better from these symptoms but it doesn’t prevent you from coronavirus and it certainly doesn’t cure you.
  • Eating meat causes coronavirus – It is proved that the coronavirus does not spread through the consumption of meat like chicken, pork or fish or anything kind of meat.
  • You cannot hold your breath for 1 min if you have covid – Many youngsters can hold their breath for more than 1 minute and many of the elders cannot hold their breath for even merely 10 seconds. You cannot conclude that someone has coronavirus if they can’t hold their breath.
  • Dogs promote coronavirus – When a dog in Hongkong was tested positive for coronavirus, the rumour began to widely spread that dogs can spread the virus. It was later discovered that the owner was the one who was affected and WHO cleared the air by saying dogs cannot get affected by the coronavirus.

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