Health is wealth; we have often heard this. It’s not like we haven’t tried to follow that, but every time, we fail. Which is sort of fine, but ignoring your health isn’t. And that is why we are sharing some healthy and yummy South Indian dishes, which are nutritious options for breakfast. Note down the dishes below.

1) Idlis

This iconic dish is undoubtedly the favorite of many. These are steamed rice cakes that are low in calories. Simply pairing them with sambhar and coconut chutney makes it delicious and mouthwatering. Also, it satisfies the hungry stomach.

2) Pongal

Many of you have heard this name but haven’t tried it. This is a savory rice with lentils cooked with pepper and cumin. This low-calorie breakfast will fill your stomach and also give you taste as you wish.

3) Upma

This dish is made from semolina, which is commonly called rava. It is mixed with colorful vegetables, which makes it more nutritious and healthy. Loaded with veggies and less oil, this low-calorie option also gives you a satisfying taste.

4) Dosa

How can we forget the all-time favorite dosa? This plain dosa made with fermented rice and urad dal batter is light and low-calorie. This makes you feel full and content at the same time. Enjoy it with green chutney, sambhar, or whatever you wish.

5) Ragi Idli

This is a nutritious grain, and you can convert it into ragi cakes, which are healthy and low-calorie. You can opt for ragi in place of rice. Like Idli, you can enjoy this with sambhar, chutney, and other things.