In a world of sadness and sorrow, laughter is a saviour. It is often referred to as the best medicine to cure diseases. And as per the evidence, laughter positively impacts chronic diseases. Being happy and laughing promotes positivity, which helps to deal with illnesses like heart problems, diabetes, cancer, and other long-term conditions that affect a person’s life. In addition, it helps in the overall wellness of a person.

When a person laughs, biologically, our bodies release endorphins, a chemical that promotes a sense of happiness and relaxation. This results in reducing stress, making pain bearable, and making one feel better. Also, laughter improves blood flow and helps boost immunity, which is necessary to fight any diseases.

Laughter has many benefits, as it helps treat people with mental issues, helps to fight depression and anxiety isolation, and allows one to connect with people and feel relaxed. But, on the other hand, laughter has many positive effects, like it impacts physiological functions. For example, it regulates cardiovascular health and enhances deep breathing and oxygenation.

That is also the reason behind the laughter clubs. It helps people laugh every day to fight the problems like a warrior. Also, it makes one feel happy even without a reason.

As a result, laughter is a medicine that makes chronic diseases easy to cure and treat.