Gone are the days when diet used to be boring and bland. There are several dishes you can have for breakfast that are healthy and tasty. To name a few, there are Idli Dosa, poha, fruit salad chilla, and others. However, chilla has recently become a favorite of all with its easy recipe, nutrition, and taste. Here are the health benefits of chilla.

1) Moong Dal Chilla: Moong dal is a must when looking for health. It is the most nutrient-dense dish and helps lose weight with its low cholesterol content. Not only this, but moong chilla also aids digestion and stabilizes blood pressure.

2) Paneer Chilla: Paneer Chilla looks like a pancake, which makes us want it more. Mix the mashed paneer, chopped tomatoes, onion, coriander, and garlic with spices. And use besan to make chilla. Chilla has a lower calorie count.

3) Vegetable Chilla: Mix different veggies like cabbage, beans, onions, capsicum, and more, all loaded with several health benefits. The wheat and vegetable chilla is a must-have for all who want to lose weight. At the same time, the little amount of spice makes this chilla tempting.

4) Rava Chilla: It is quite famous. Rava chilla helps to cure allergies and can heal issues with digestion. So it is best to include rava chilla, which you can mix with anything.

5) Palak Chilla: This is a rounder dish. You can include palak chilla in your diet and then witness what wonders it does. It is nutritious and can be converted into any dish you wish, and chilla is one of them.