Men have a tendency to cover their groin in the events of a mishap or even when they see a harmless object arriving towards them but in the direction lower-waist part. This happens because males know how painful it is to get even the slightest blow to that area. Also, during a self-defence class, we are taught to attack the portion where the blow will be most effective. Here are some more sensitive parts of the human body that hurt the most: –

  • The fingertip – The ends of your fingers are more delicate and tormenting than practically some other part of the body, as per an Annals of Neurology study. That is the reason why even the tiniest wounds like paper cuts and finger pricks can make a developed man jump.
  • Knees – The front side of our knees has no muscles or fats to cover it. When impacted it severely hurts as the top layer in the knees is covered with sensory nerves. Playing different kinds of sports often leads to a knee injury causing you to retire and rest until you recover.
  • Ulnar nerve – This is the largest unprotected nerve by fats or bones on the human body and is commonly injured. It is a part of your elbow joint. It causes unbearable pain when this part of your hand is affected.
  • Foot arch – When you step or an irregularly shaped object with the ball or heel of your feet, you can withstand a certain amount of pain. But when you step on the same object with your arch, it will be difficult you hide your pain. This happens because the ball and the heel part are constantly touching the ground when we walk or run and develop a thicker skin unlike the arch of the foot.
  • Tibia bone – The long narrow bone in the front part of your leg just below the knee is also an unprotected part of the body. There is no thick skin or muscles to protect this part. When affected one can go through a great deal of pain.

These are some of the body parts that can cause you to suffer a lot if they are hit.