For better health, one should have light food for dinner to have a smooth digestion process. However, along with that, it is necessary to have your dinner meal early for these exceptional health benefits; if not early, try to give 3 hours to the food before going to bed.

The very first reason to have dinner early is that it helps in the management of weight. When you eat your dinner early in the evening, the food in your body gets enough time to burn calories and digest the food before you go to bed. Also, this helps to prevent overeating, which contributes to weight management and excessive calorie intake.

The next is that the human body has a clock called circadian rhythm, which regulates activities like physiological processes and digestion. When you have dinner early in the evening, it aligns with the circadian rhythm, which promotes better digestion and nutrient absorption.

Sleeping is one of the important things in today’s time, where everyone has become a night owl. Eating your evening meal too close to your bedtime can ruin your sleep by causing issues like indigestion and discomfort. However, having dinner around 7 p.m. gives enough time for food to digest before going to bed, which can promote better sleep.

Last but not least, eating dinner early in the evening helps to improve mood as it stabilizes the blood sugar level and reduces stress levels.

In conclusion, you must try to have your dinner as soon as possible in the evening, or if that’s impossible, try to give 3 hours to digest your food before going to bed to avoid any issues.