Who doesn’t like to enjoy a nice chilled Cola or a Soda? From kids to the youth to adults, every man consumes aerated drinks. But no one has even a little clue that these refreshing drinks cause the death of about 200,000 people a year. Yes!! That’s right!! Consuming aerated drinks too frequently and more than limited quantity can be seriously harmful.

  • High sugar content – Sugar is dangerous for humans of any age group. Children who prefer to drink aerated drinks over water show early signs of childhood obesity. They may also suffer from illnesses not common to their age groups, like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Kids also suffer from a lack of calcium in their bones and sudden tooth decaying.
  • Spoils your appetite– You start losing your appetite once you start drinking cold drinks. Aerated drinks do not contain any nutrients or vitamins. So they are basically useless given that they also spoil your appetite which can induce necessary vitamins and nutrients in you. It’s a loss both ways. It also creates problems in ingestion and leads to acidity.
  • Contains caffeine – Caffeine acts as a nervous system stimulant in our body. It is also found in tea or coffee. More than the average consumption of caffeine is considered harmful. It makes you insomniac produces restlessness and irregular heartbeat. Consuming caffeine also tends to make to an addict to drugs.
  • Makes you disease-prone – Along with high sugar inviting diabetes, aerated drinks also brings along with the risk of cancer. It also weakens our bones and joints. People consuming aerated drinks are more likely to have knee-joint pain.

Along with these health issues, high consumption of aerated drinks leads to environmental hazards because of the plastic used in the bottles. We should focus more on fresh fruit juices, milkshakes that not only refreshes us but also provides with useful nutrients.