Over the years, Instagram has become a great place for people to get influenced in any field. All you have to do is follow a certain page and you will get daily posts giving you new ideas and tips to improve your life. Fitness and health are also included in this influential social application. When you see the influencer working out and maintaining a perfect body, you feel nothing but an urge to start working out to be like them. Also getting fitness tips becomes easy since it is a part of your routine phone-checking time. Here are some Instagram pages that you should get for fitness tips and inspiration: –

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) –

No doubt that every man or woman who sees him becomes a fan of his physic. His workouts are highly intense and brutal. One can hardly match his level of an intense workout. But we sure can get a heck lot of inspiration from his page.

Lauren Kanski –

Talking about fitness inspiration for women, Lauren happens to be a perfect choice. She performs all kinds of exercises in the gym and has you covered for everything you wish to see on a fitness page. She is also a certified trainer and a nutritionist.

Judine St. Gerard –

She is a Tone House trainer, which is the first group of trainers and athletes to wake up the inner sport inside you. As a trainer, she is a beast while in training mode. She regularly posts videos of her intense workout and also breaks it down for her viewers.

Chris Hemsworth –

He may not be a trainer or fitness coach, but his Instagram posts contain some of his workouts. The mighty Thor is not just ripped on screen, he has a muscular body and you can check out his Instagram page to get influenced.

Shaun T –

He is the creator of ‘insanity workouts’ and looking at his page, you will surely want to follow him. You will see everything from his workout routine to the tips he gives on his page. He also posts his clients before and after pictures to make you believe and get inspired by it.
Kira Stokes – She has an incredibly fit and fine-looking body and her primary focus on Instagram is to provide high-intensity workout tips without getting any injury. She displays her workouts at home as well as a gym so it makes it easier for you to choose whichever workouts you want.

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