‘Love handles’ are areas of skin that extend outward from the hip area and usually are caused due to unhealthy eating and lack of exercising. Love handles are really bad at the appearance of the body and people are always looking forward to getting rid of it. Excess fat accumulation around the hips and abdominal areas. Love handles causes due to a high intake of calories. Those extra calories if not burnt may cause Love handles. To get rid of this problem many exercises can be done. Before going for exercise ensure that calorie intake is less on daily basis.

Here we come across the 3 most effective exercises for getting rid of those love handles.

  • Russian twists

In this exercise, you have to sit on your butt with your knees bend and above the ground at 45°. Now your torso should be leaning, twist your body torso to your left and your right side. You can add weight like dumbbells for more impact. This engages your core and lower body.

  • Side plank hip dips

This exercise is great for love handles to get into a side plank position where your body is resting on your elbows and your legs and hips resting on the ground. Now engaging your core and abs lift your body to form a straight line lower down again and do repetitions of it.

  • Bicycle crunches

For this exercise, lie on your back with knees bent and hands behind your head, giving it a little support, do not clap your hands together. Now engaging your core lift your shoulders and upper back to your left leg and come back and again to your right leg. Try to be as quick as possible while keeping your torso raise up from the ground.

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