Practicing yoga helps to strengthen one’s body, mind, and spirit. It relaxes one’s mind and is known to strengthen our endocrine systems. Yoga can also be effective to control our emotions and have a balanced state of mind which can help us have a positive attitude. Several yoga asanas can be performed to attain physical fitness and improved immunity. However, there are certain things you must keep in mind if you are a beginner.


1) Ensure you have rested well in terms of sleep and then perform yoga early in the morning. Better results are achieved when yoga is performed on a well-rested body.

2) The best time of the day to perform yoga to the best results is to practice them early in the morning.

3) Keep the windows open and let the sunshine and fresh air pass into the room while you perform yoga.

4) Utmost care must be taken that yogas are practiced calmly. Ensure all the yoga movements are done slowly in a rhythmic manner without any haste.

5) Include sattvic foods in your daily diet.

6) Use a yoga mat or a blanket and practice the yoga asanas on it.


1) Refrain from having heavy meals right before you perform yoga. At least wait for 2-3 hours after having meals to perform yoga asanas.

2) Avoid unclean, smoky, and unhygienic places to perform yoga.

3) Don’t try advanced yoga techniques on the very first day. Take it slow and easy.

4) Avoid performing strenuous exercises right after your yoga session.

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