Red chilli powder is one of the key ingredients in any dish, and almost 80 percent of dishes need it. Though it promotes digestion, but it also leads to discomfort. And here, check out the dangerous side effects of consuming red chilli powder.

Undoubtedly, you wish to have that extra spice in your favorite dish. But, eating excess spice food which contains red chilli powder causes heartburn due to acid reflux.

The overconsumption of red chilli powder promotes the risk of chronic disease. It can lead to heart problems due to the fiery nature of red chilli, which ruins the balance inside the body.

Red chilli powder also increases inflammation in the body, which may make you feel tired very easily.

In addition, red chilli powder packets can contain substances like salt, sugar, or other preservatives, which can be very unhealthy for your boys if you consume them daily and in large amounts.

Consumption may also lead to stomach ulcers; in that case, consuming green chilies and protecting yourself from diseases is safe. The higher the consumption, the more the risk for digestive issues can ruin your day. Not just that, the presence of a compound called ‘capsaicin,’ which results in spiciness, can irritate the stomach lining.

And the side effects do end there; it lead to nausea and vomiting. Consumption of red chilli also increases stress levels. A person who eats more red chilli powder notices rashes, blisters, and excess sweating.