An empty stomach contains excess acidic concentration, so one should avoid eating oily and junk food, which may create acidic problems. It is better to keep your meals healthy, including fruits and less acidic food. Here are the best foods to consume on an empty stomach.

1. Nuts And Seeds: When you soak seeds and nuts, they become easier to digest and also increase nutrient absorption. Not only that, eating nuts in the morning provides energy and improves the health of the brain and nutritional intake.

2. Vegetable Juice: Vegetable juices are healthy for your body. It provides a quick nutrient boost, promotes detoxification, and supports hydration. It is also good for skin health and will make you feel refreshed.

3. Banana: There are several benefits to consuming bananas on an empty stomach. It gives instant energy and regulates blood sugar levels. On the other hand, the high fiber content makes you feel full.

4. Fennel Seed Water: Fennel seeds are filled with digestive benefits. It helps to reduce bloating and gas. Consuming fennel seeds on an empty stomach relieves indigestion and stimulates digestion.

5. Figs And Raisins: Consume figs and raisins after soaking them overnight. This helps in digestibility. It provides quick energy, aids digestion, and improves overall health.

In conclusion, it is better to consume healthy food at the beginning of the day.