This might not be your first time listening that Yoga is highly beneficial to our physical and mental health. But still, some people require special reasoning and statements to make up their minds about doing yoga. Originated in India, Yoga is a practice to master our physical, emotional and mental strengths. 21 June is celebrated as International Yoga Day by the World Health Organization (WHO) to inspire the world to follow the path of a Yogi (A practitioner of yoga and meditation).

Benefits: –

  • It increases your muscles and bone flexibility.
  • It makes you feel relaxed and satisfied.
  • Yoga helps in increasing our immunity and overall health.
  • Practicing yoga every day increases your concentration and allows you to focus properly.
  • It makes day to day task easier by making you stronger.
  • A session of yoga gives you the same amount of energy as an energy drink.
  • Yoga involves controlled breathing practices that help you enhance inhaling and exhaling of air into the lungs.
  • Mastering the yoga positions helps our brain to push neurons that help in muscles memory.
  • Better flow of oxygen and blood in the body due to yoga gives our body anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Yoga enhances our body clock. We humans have a system that automatically makes as sleepy at night and wake up in the morning. Working of this clock is improved with yoga.
  • Yoga does not require having huge muscles or strong body. Anyone can perform yoga. With daily practice, any person can master different yoga positions.
  • A session of yoga before breakfast can improve your digestion and metabolism.
  • Daily yoga can reduce anxiety and stress acting on one’s mind and brain.
  • Yoga improves our skin tone and reduces wrinkles. Any nutrition deficiency or stressful mind symptoms are first seen on the skin. Yoga helps you eliminate these symptoms.
  • People with bad posture must practice yoga as it improves the spine movements and keeps it nourished.

Yoga helps your body in many unknown ways. The only way to experience this feeling is to try yoga. Start simple and move forward with difficult positions gradually. Don’t jump onto something too intense starlight away, you may be excited but your body can only take so much.

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