As the epidemic enters its third year, humanity has developed a habit of keeping a safe distance and donning masks in enclosed and even open settings. However, some people’s lives in the new normal world are also being disrupted by Covid-19’s long-lasting effects.

Frontline physicians in the UAE reported that some Covid-19 survivors have symptoms that last anywhere from six months to more than a year, indicating that the long-term implications of catching coronavirus illness are in fact emerging as a new concern.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta, an internal medicine expert at Burjeel Specialty Hospital in Sharjah, observed that while most individuals test Covid-19 negative, up to 20% of patients worldwide have ongoing health problems for months.

Dr. Gupta emphasized that post-Covid-19 circumstances are turning into a major problem for the healthcare system on a worldwide scale.

“Yes, according to forecasts, long haulage may develop into the next significant health concern as we work to recover from the epidemic. This percentage might increase even if 1 in 10 positive individuals exhibit symptoms for several months or over a year.”

One in eight infected individuals, according to recent research published in The Lancet, exhibit at least one persistent Covid-19 core symptom.

Dr. Aparna Namboothiri, a specialist pulmonologist at Ahalia Hospital in Abu Dhabi City, stated that it has been discovered that Covid-19 problems and poor health following the sickness have no relationship to chronic symptoms.

“The most intriguing aspect of extended Covid-19 is that it doesn’t appear to be related to the severity of the initial condition. In our experience, after a period of appearing to be healthy, people who had no symptoms throughout the disease start to suffer new symptoms like coughing, chest discomfort, or breathing problems.”



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