Because of the present coronavirus outbreak, folks must sit at home unless they must travel. Riding a bike is one of the authorized forms of outdoor exercise on a daily basis.

Everyone you see on a bike was once a novice rider. It’s natural that you’ll have a series of doubts and struggling to come throughout your first week of cycling. Even seasoned riders who have been riding for ten years will sometimes be confused.

Here is a beginner’s guide to start cycling daily

1) A good pair of padded bicycle shorts

Longer rides will not benefit from heavily padded saddles: believe us on this. Wearing padded shorts, fitting a good saddle, and riding until you become used to it are the only ways to be relaxed in the seat.

2) Make sure you’re wearing a bike helmet.

True, helmet legislation is divisive, but a good helmet might save your life, and it’s not difficult to find one that’s comfortable, lightweight, and cheap these days.

3) Find out how to repair a puncture.

Always keep a tool kit on you. You’ll be thankful you understood how to repair it yourself when you’re far away from home and notice that buzzing noise. If you don’t know how to patch a rupture, go to a bicycle shop, talk to a friend, or look it up online. Then rehearse at home until it becomes natural and easy.

4) Keep yourself hydrated.

Whether you choose a water bottle or a hydration bag, always bring some water with you when you’re out. You’ll almost always be able to locate a place to fill your container along the route, and most cafés will do so for free.

5) Cramping is a typical problem that many people face.

Cramping occurs when you ride faster or for longer periods of time than your body is used to. One piece of advice that is frequently given is to make sure you refill the minerals you lose via perspiration, either by drinking specially prepared protein shakes or manufacturing your own.

6) Make some riding companions.

Considering joining a cycling club or getting your friends to brush off their old bicycles are two options. However, if you have a buddy to ride with, you’ll be more inspired to get out there and take a ride.

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