After getting a tattoo, the first few weeks are important. The fresh tattoo on the open wound needs proper care to avoid pigmentation or any other problems.

Knowing the right ways to shower will help your tattoo to heal faster. Here are 6 ways on how to shower with a new tattoo. Tattoo artists suggest that it’s better to wait for 24 hours before getting a tattoo.

1. Pay Attention to the Water Temperature

It is suggested to shower or bathe with lukewarm or cold water. Showering with hot water can cause irritation, swelling, pain, or stinging. And warm water can make the tattoo look patchy or faded as it opens the pores on the skin causing the ink to wash off.

2. Avoid Direct Water to the Tattoo

Avoid direct water from the showerhead to the tattoo to prevent hurting your sensitive tattooed skin. It can lead to stinging or washing off the ink from the tattooed area.

3. Clean Tattoo Gently

Gently clean your tattoo with skin-sensitive and fragrance-free soap. Then gently rub the area to remove the excess blood or plasma.

4. Don’t Shower too Long

After getting a tattoo make sure you don’t take forever in the shower. Wash as quickly as possible to avoid the soap, water, or stream affecting your new tattoo.

5. Dry Your Tattoo Carefully

Do not use the towel which you normally use to dry yourself, instead use a paper towel and let it dry naturally.

6. Apply Lotion to Moisturise the Tattoo

Once your tattooed skin is dry, make sure to moisturize it with a lotion that contains vitamins and minerals to speed up the healing process.

Apply a thin layer of lotion to avoid the area from getting suffocated and prolong the recovery.

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