Exercise and physical activity have good impacts on our bodies, brains, and spirits, as we are all aware. The voice in our brains that tempts us to skip our workout or order takeout so we can work for a few more hours, however, does succeed on occasion.

It could be difficult to maintain your plan to put health first and go to the gym when this happens.

1.Define your “why” first.
You can’t always count on outside forces, like a vacation, to encourage you. Knowing why you work out will help you feel more invested personally or emotionally in your objectives.

2. Select a cause.
Choosing a cause to compete for may really help drive you, whether you’re a runner, walker, or CrossFit enthusiast. Numerous contests are held in favor of causes like:

Financing for families, cancer research, or research into Alzheimer’s
suicide prevention and cystic fibrosis research
activism and research for diabetes.

3. Constantly prepare a backup.
A change of training attire and a pair of shoes should be kept in a “just in case” bag in your car. In case your plans change, be prepared with a backup workout, such as a stroll past your place of employment.

4. Stick to the 3 x 10 rule.
Run out of time? It’s no issue. Three times a day, go for a 10-minute stroll. Replace your nightly stroll with a few crunches, pushups, and squats for a full-body exercise. Your weekly total of activity minutes will be significantly reduced by all of these mini-workouts.

5. Post-it force
Sticky notes with encouraging workout phrases should be labeled. Place them on your work computer, bathroom mirror, or alarm clock. They’ll remind you constantly to look after your health.

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