Our “quick fix” society teaches us that the only choice for rapid, efficient relief from migraines is to take medication (or minor headaches, for that matter). Quite simply, this is untrue. In reality, there are non-drug options for treating migraines that have been shown to be more effective than drugs, such as acupuncture and pressure points.

There are numerous distinct causes of migraine headaches. These range from environmental elements, such as air quality, climate, and food sensitivities, to behavioral elements, such as dietary deficits, stress, and inactivity. Another well-known cause of migraines, particularly in women, is a change in hormone levels.

The symptoms of migraines vary greatly from person to person and across the spectrum of episodes experienced by each individual. Those who are suffering and looking for trustworthy therapy options may become confused and frustrated by this.

1. For Migraine with Headache, Vertigo, Anxiety, and/or Fatigue Pressure Point: GV20 Pinyin Name/English Translation: Baihui/Hundred Meetings (Convergence), Governor Vessel Location: Highest Point of the Head.

2. Pressure Point: GV24 Pinyin For Migraine With Dizziness, Anxiety, And/Or Runny Nose Shenting/Mind Courtyard is the name; the English translation is (Spirit Court)

Midway up the forehead, about a thumb’s breadth above the hairline. For further information on the pressure point GV24, please see the infographic for point #1 above.

3. For Migraine Pressure Point With Vertigo and/or Vomiting: Shuaigu/Leading Valley, GB8 Pinyin Name/English Translation

The area is two forefingers wide into the hairline and over the top of the ear.

4. Eye, facial, and ear ringing pain associated with migraine (Tinnitus)

Pressure Point: SJ20 English Translation of Pinyin Name: Jiaosun / Minute Angle (Angel Vertex)

Directly above the hairline, at the top of the ear. Please see the infographic for point #3 above about the SJ20 pressure gauge.

5. For Migraine With Congestion, Dizziness, Neck Stiffness, Eye Pain, and Aura/Vision Disturbances Pressure Point: GB20 Pinyin Name: Fengchi / Wind Pond English Translation

Location: Just above the base of the neck, on each side of the thick trapezius tendons, in the soft depressions.

Source: Life Hack

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