The majority of us enter our kitchens pretty groggily in the morning and grab a cup of coffee or tea to get a caffeine boost. Instead of kicking out your day with a caffeine blast, think about sipping something a little more healthy and restorative.
1.Cocktail Juice with Minted Fruit
1 peeled, cored, and sliced apple
1 orange, peeled and cut in half.
0.5 cup pineapple
2 cups seeded and chopped up watermelon
Lemon juice, 1 teaspoon
One little fresh mint sprig
The pineapple should be juiced after the apple and orange. Add watermelon, lemon juice, and mint to the juice in the blender. Make a smooth puree.
2.Half a cucumber, peeled and sliced, for Green Goddess Juice
1 celery stalk
kale, one handful
Peeled and cut one apple
Sliced and peeled 1 pear
Lemon juice, 1 teaspoon
In the sequence listed, juice each ingredient, finishing with the lemon juice. If the juice seems too thick, add a little water to your juicer to extract the remainder of the nutrients and thin down the finished result.
3.Juice from Iron Maiden
Women who may feel drained or weak after menstruation or giving birth may drink this juice.
Peeled and cut, two big beets
cut two carrots
Peeled, cored, and cut one small apple
a few spinach leaves
quarter cup of water
After juicing a little water, juice the other ingredients in the proper sequence. This is a liver cleansing and restoring tonic that is high in iron.
4.Blackberries, 1 cup, Vitamin C Booster Shot Juice
a cup of currants (any color)
1 orange, peeled and cut in half.
peeling and slicing one tangerine
1 peeled and sliced kiwi
Juice of one half a lime

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