One of the most commonly mentioned causes for individuals relapsing to compulsive behaviour is frustration. Anger is such a powerful feeling that when it is activated, all reasonable reasoning is destroyed, and the logical brain is taken over. How can you learn to control your rage? Traditional anger control strategies may advise you to hit a cushion with a cricket bat, start screaming until you’re exhausted, or countdown to ten and breathe through the rage until it passes. However, while these tactics may briefly help you relax, they do little to fix the underlying reason for your frustration.

1. You must set a limit.

Anger is frequently an indication that someone has passed a sentimental line. Is there someone in your life that continuously tells you what to do, does not really listen to you, or blames you? When we believe someone has overstepped the mark and don’t know what to do about it, we typically become enraged. So, if you’re angry at someone, ask yourself if it’s something you want to say to them but can’t because you’re afraid you won’t be able to?

2. Try digging beneath the surface of your rage.

Acknowledge your rage as a secondary feeling if you’re angry at your job and feel like no one respects what you do. Identify the feelings that lie beneath it. Perhaps you’re feeling undervalued, helpless, and frustrated. Look deeper and identify the feelings that lie beneath your rage. When you recognize what’s actually going on, you will figure out the cause of your rage and then you’ll have a greater chance of dealing with it.

3. Wait till the fight is done before saying something foolish at the wrong moment.

We can’t actually hear and connect with other people when we’re extremely emotional, so we’re merely delivering a talk that the other individual can’t understand. We run the danger of exacerbating the issue by saying and doing things we end up regretting. We must wait till the anger has subsided if we want to be properly heard and if we want to bring change.

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