Life isn’t always bright and cheerful. We go through a lot of emotions. As humans, we normally aim for happiness, or the condition of being joyful, which we consider to be the polar opposite of suffering. Of course, you would, why wouldn’t you? Nobody wants to be in pain. However, all of your feelings have a purpose. Yes, even adversity is a part of life. There’s nothing wrong with being miserable from time to time. Thinking you can avoid sorrow is akin to believing you can control the tides of the sea. You can’t do it!

Life follows a cyclical pattern. Happiness is a feeling, not a state of being. Allow your feelings to wander freely. Don’t try to make yourself happy by ignoring your misery. Don’t feel like you’re making a mistake just because you’re not always happy.

It’s tiring to be joyful all of the time. It also implies that you’re lying to yourself. It is inevitable that life will not always be joyful. It’s time to let go of the assumption that you’ll always be happy because clinging to that belief will lead to a lot of disappointment. Instead, consider the possibility that your sorrow serves a useful function in your life. You wouldn’t even have misery as an emotion if it wasn’t the case.

When you’re unhappy, it’s an indication that you need to make a change. Feel free to express your emotions till you feel better. Then use your sadness and anguish to motivate you to make some adjustments.

Instead of chasing happiness, fully accept the emotion you are experiencing in the moment.

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