Self-worth stands for how you value yourself. It does not depend on what others feel about you or the things that you have achieved, it appears from within. But it’s easy to ignore that our worth isn’t defined by outside forces. When it comes to measuring self-worth, several people use something just as uncertain as a random stick. We all carry some type of measuring stick that we use to define our value as human beings. When we realize that we’re measuring up, we feel good about ourselves.

But, when we realize that we’ve fallen short as per the stick, then our self-esteem can tumble. Even though our measuring stick has so much impact on how we think about ourselves, maximum people aren’t even aware of what they’re using to define their self-worth. But they are aware of the instabilities they encounter in how they think about themselves.

So most of the time, the “stick” we’re utilizing to measure our self-worth prevails outside our control. We measure our worth based on certain things, which include, our to-do list, the number of perfect matches a person gets on a dating app, the number of likes on our latest social media post, the improvements, and promotions we achieve, and many more things. The list goes on and on. And this list is the imaginary stick, which we use to measure our self-worth.

The more and more things we achieve according to the list the more we feel good about ourselves, but at the same time if we fail to achieve we feel bad about ourselves and this is how self-worth is affected. It’s quite natural to be delighted about your accomplishments or to feel miserable about a failure, but when you base your whole self-worth on these things it becomes difficult for you to feel good about yourself in the long term.

Correlating your self-worth to your achievements is like building your house on an unstable foundation. By doing this, you often have to worry about when it could fall. You will stop taking risks and doing things where you may fail. This could be keeping up in a job you dislike, not pursuing creative goals, not conveying your true feelings, and other restrictions. So it’s better to stop measuring your self-worth in achievements.

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