According to, Deplin is a prescription supplement that is carefully created to address the nutritional needs of persons who are depressed and can be used in conjunction with your existing antidepressant. L-methyl folate, an active type of folate, is found in Deplin capsules.

Folate, one of the body’s vital B vitamins, aids in the natural improvement of your mood.

Your body may require extra active folate if you suffer from depression. Low amounts of active folate can make it more difficult to notice antidepressant benefits.

You may be in danger of relapsing into depression if you don’t get enough active folate, even if your depression has subsided.

Deplin is frequently prescribed in conjunction with antidepressants to treat depression. Researchers discovered that when L-methyl folate was administered alongside antidepressants in 502 people with major depressive disorder, their depressive symptoms improved significantly.

Deplin is a prescription medical aliment, which means your doctor will usually prescribe a dosage that is tailored to your unique needs. Without first seeing your doctor, you should not raise or decrease the dosage given to you.

Deplin, like folic acids in general, has a low risk of negative effects. However, some people may have an adverse reaction to this medication.

Even though allergic reactions are extremely rare, here are some warning signs to look for when using Deplin: Breathing problems, dizziness, A rash on the skin, and facial, tongue, or throat swelling.

It’s crucial to note that Deplin is not an antidepressant, although it can help medicines work better in those with significant depression.

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