It’s rightly said that we are our own big critics and nobody judges ourselves as we do. We tend to criticize and shame ourselves and our self-worth for little things that don’t go our way or the mistakes that we tend to make in our life. We must appreciate ourselves for every tiny achievement and feel prosperous and happy for what we are today. We must stop torturing ourselves and feel happy about being so amazing.

The very first step towards being nice to oneself rather than torturing is to self-love. When you inculcate and water self-love no force in this world can ever make you feel weak and less worthy.

It is important that we love every quirk and bit about ourselves, even the things that we consider as our flaws and shortcomings.

It’s important to feel content in ourselves and not try fixing into someone else’s shoe, when you try to be like someone and when you fail to attain that goal you tend to torture yourself, so make yourself understand to feel happy in what you are.

Learn to accept your flaws and remember that everyone has their own sets of setbacks but it’s also important that you also remind yourself that you are, however, more than your flaws so stop torturing yourself.

Learn to stay and feel happy in the happiness of others, don’t be jealous, feel happy for others, make someone smile, the happiness on their face will make your day and will also increase your self-worth.

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