Smile is a wonderful gesture from the lips. You can simply smile at anything and there are numerous things to show off your glowering smile at.

Here are some of the ways to smile every day even when you feel like your life isn’t perfect.

1. Be thankful for all the things in your life

Being grateful to all the things in life tends to have a positive impact on life. Be thankful for the gift of life, a good meal. Although it might sound a bit weird, you should also be thankful for all the negatives in life. They are the reasons for all the lessons you’ve learned.

Thanking helps to reflect on life and the way we have come long.

2. Keep your eye on the smallest of details

When you look into details you realize that no two things are alike. The things that we considered offensive can turn into opportunities of thankfulness as you start appreciating its details which in turn brings a smile on your face.

3. Note down all your blessings

Multiple things tend to happen to us throughout the day and we only remember the dull, painful or unfortunate things that have happened to us. Therefore, to overcome it, you need to maintain a notebook where you can write down all the good things that have happened to you throughout the day.

4. Look at what is in your life and not on what isn’t

When you look at things that you have in life, you feel content and happy. Look around yourself and appreciate the good things you’ve got in life.

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