First of all let’s understand what “beauty” is, beauty is interpreted by many in varied ways, terms and aspects. Every person has their interpretation of beauty. For some, it is the internal beauty that matters which is the beauty of heart and mind, while for some others it is the aesthetically pleasing external goodness, whilst some adore both internal as well as external beauty and vice versa. In this extract, we shall look at beauty from a common and fathomable perspective.

Beauty is embraced these days on a very heavy account. It’s a fact that we tend to get intrigued by attractive people, but the question here is what makes them beautiful? As said earlier the perception of beauty is different for everyone and what one person finds beautiful is not necessarily what you might think of in the same way. Genes, symmetrical faces, healthy lifestyle, etc these are all biological perspectives and approaches of attraction. But beauty and attraction still work beyond that; small quirks, crooked smiles, or the things we might consider as flaws in ourselves might appear beautiful to others and hence, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

So, to elaborate a bit on the aspect of beauty, beauty comes with the acceptance of oneself, one’s body. When we compare ourselves to others and try to be like them by stepping in their shoes, at that point itself we have eradicated “true/natural beauty” and we likely have adapted to the “standards” of “others beauty” (because we are trying to be like them). When we understand and accept ourselves for the way we are, we are a step ahead towards embracing our whole aura and our entire selves. After self-acceptance, our beauty is embraced in a more positive light through the confidence that’s exuded by us. Likely, the most important aspect to remember here is that this excerpt is not focusing on standards of beauty but is considering each reader as beautiful.

As “beauty” is a very rigid construct and it’s essential that we believe, “every human individual is beautiful, gorgeous, etc for the way they are created.” Many times, a person who loves applying makeup is considered to be “too extra” but that thought itself is cliche, there’s no problem in doing makeup, it’s an art and if a person thinks that it makes them happy or beautiful they should not restrict herself/himself from doing it. Therefore, small things like self-acceptance, being positive mentally, bodily and worldly, being confident, and doing things that we love is what exudes our positive energy to the world. So, eventually when we are happy internally: we accept ourselves, believe in ourselves that we are beautiful and eventually we will feel confident and keep on smiling more often rather than forcing it.

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