The word ‘stereotype’ is used often but what does it exactly mean? A stereotype is a set or a fixed characteristic of a person or a thing that many people believe represents them of a specific type.

When people are stereotype, they form a general image of the person and assume that he/she will behave in a specific way.

Here are the ways to avoid stereotyping

1. Keep Assumptions Away from You

Never jump to a conclusion without knowing the person well. Don’t come up with random assumptions and try to rely on facts rather than your feelings.

2. Respect All Individuals

Do not expect people to behave in a specific way, remember each person is unique. No matter what caste, culture, religion, or nationality a person belongs to, avoid judgments in all cases.

3. Get Yourself Educated

Instead of stereotyping, gather information on their social and cultural background and understand why they behave in a certain way.

4. Be Rational

While dealing with stereotyping people always think and act rationally. Don’t let your irrationality run wild.

5. Be Compassionate

We live in a diverse world and so accepting diversity should be our prime motive. We need to be compassionate towards all individuals because everyone is battling off hardships in their own way.

6. Be Open-Minded

Avoid examining others based on your experiences and observations. Get rid of irrational thoughts and beliefs.

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