Creativity brings us into the present moment.

We’re in the moment because we’re doing something we enjoy. Because we’re just having a wonderful time, time seems to fly by. It’s like active meditation for me when I paint, write, knit, dance, or cook. Being present with myself activates my attention knob and wakes me up.

Creativity encourages us to be more attentive to our whole life. It also soothes our nervous system, reduces anxiety, and aids in the restoration of balance.

We improve our relationships.

We become more intimate with ourselves just because we appreciate doing what we adore. We form a deep connection with our inner selves. The more we connect with ourselves, the more we may connect with others and improve our connections. This results in stronger bonds. And because we are more fulfilled, we have less need for others to fulfill us and more to contribute. Our happiness grows, and people notice and want to spend more time with us.

We’re back in action.

We could make anything we wanted as kids and have fun with it without worrying about what other people thought. We could sing loudly in the automobile, transform a mud pie into a monster, or have conversations with our stuffed animals. We were all liberated in some way. Creativity transports us back to our childhood innocence. And when we take a break from the burdens of adult responsibilities, we become lighter and more jovial as we revel in the pleasure of our amusements.

It is constantly new.

Every time we develop something, we’re venturing into uncharted terrain. Every time we start and every time we continue, we embark on a new adventure. Creativity has this amazing ability to always change things around. Even if it appears “mundane,” such as stirring a soup, knitting a loop, or moving my body, it always provides a unique experience. It also opens up new viewpoints, which is a positive.

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