One of the main reasons for conflicts is hypocrisy. It is always simple for everyone to point out the errors of others and not see his/her own. Also, several people think they are better than others.
But if you think that you want to cope up with such a mindset then here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Practice what you preach

This is one of the main things to keep in mind. Before criticizing others for their ‘wrong’ actions, be sure that what you teach them is seen in your life as well. If you are expecting that people should do according to what you say, then first you should do it.

2. Do not judge others

Stop judging other people for their mistakes. Remember that you are not perfect yourself and you have your faults as well and you also make mistakes. Stop finding shortcomings in others because you have shortcomings as well.

3. Prevent yourself from criticizing others

No matter how terrible a person commits a mistake in your viewpoint, avoid criticizing others.

4. Love your enemies

It is easy for humans to be hypocritical towards their enemies so if you want to deal with your hypocritical mind, then you need to resist this tendency of hating your enemies. Instead, love them.

5. Hate the sin but love the sinner

No matter how terrible someone sins, do not dismiss that person away. You may hate or dislike what he/she does, but you should still care about the sinner.

6. Be humble

Humility enables you to admit that you are not above anyone because you also make mistakes like everyone else. This fact will help you resist judging others. This will make you more sympathetic and polite with other people.

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