How often do we find ourselves ruminating on the past? Why do we cling to our memories? Why is it so difficult for us to let go of painful or traumatic experiences?

Fighting for things that are important to us is in our nature. We may pine for the past, wish that someone we love hadn’t abandoned us, or harbor resentment over unfair treatment. However, clinging to things and people we no longer have is unhealthy. It inhibits us from perceiving and appreciating what we have now by keeping us mired in the memories of our past.

We are often residing in the past, revisiting the same old incident and memories that cause us pain and take away our happiness and peace. It robs us of our present happiness. Because we are busy dwelling in the past, it takes away our chance at living the present moment to the full potential and making the most out of it.

It is important to understand that the past is a place of reference and not residence. Meaning, it is not somewhere we must constantly dwell or reside at but instead, it can serve as a valuable lesson to us that can help us move on in life.

The past can be used as a reference that can help us learn from our mistakes of the past and help us evolve and grow as better individuals.

There are innumerable life-giving lessons we can learn from our past if we start asking the appropriate questions, so consider it as a point of reference rather than the place of residence. Never let yourself believe that it has to define you.

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