1. Consider a challenging issue in your life that is causing you stress.

This could be a challenging relationship, a problem at work or school, worry for a loved one’s misery, or anything else that comes to mind. It’s typically preferable to go with whatever comes to mind immediately.

2. Keeping the situation in mind, notice if you sense stress in your body.

This will be different for each person. Examine a handful of the common sites in the body where stress and mental discomfort are felt. This includes headaches, neck aches, back discomfort, muscular spasms, and jaw strain, according to the American Institute of Stress.

3. Tell yourself, “This is a painful moment.”

Take this opportunity to observe your feelings without judgment. There’s no need to categorize your experience as positive or negative. Instead, simply recognize your suffering or worry.

4. Tell yourself, “Suffering is a natural part of existence.”

Remember that, as terrible as it may be right now, dealing with challenging problems is a universal experience that ties you to the rest of humanity. You can also say, “Others feel the same way,” “I’m not alone,” or “We all struggle in our lives.”

5. Put your hands over your heart and say “May I be kind to myself,”

Pay attention to the warmth of your hands on your chest and the sensation of self-kindness. To get started, you may speak one of the phrases below. Then, feel free to substitute any words you need to hear right now.

“May I give me the compassion that I need.”

“May I learn to accept me as I am.”

“May I forgive myself”

“May I be strong.”

You can repeat these five steps whenever you are experiencing tough emotions, and this practice will remind you that you are worthy of compassion regardless of how you are feeling.

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