Bollywood celebs are ordinary individuals who appreciate it when their followers show them love and affection. Bollywood artists enjoy expressing their gratitude to their fans and making them happy.

Here are 5 times Bollywood celebs surprised their fans to make them happy.

1. When Sanjay Dutt was in jail, he encountered a man who stayed barefoot.

While Sanjay Dutt was in jail, one of the auto-rickshaw drivers, Sandeep Bacche, stopped wearing shoes. Sanjay Dutt learned about Sandeep after he was freed from prison. As a result, he set up a meeting with Sandeep, and shocked him.

2. Aamir Khan met a progeria-suffering adolescent fan.

Nihal Bitla, who has progeria, a rare genetic illness, wished to meet Aamir Khan to express his gratitude for the film Taare Zameen Par. When Aamir Khan learned of this, he summoned her for a meeting and made her feel special.

3. Priyanka Chopra praised the artist who created her portrait directly.

Saurabh Kant Shrivastava, a fan of Priyanka Chopra, created a stunning portrait of her and gave it to her when he had the chance to meet her. Priyanka expressed her gratitude to him personally.

4. Akshay Kumar met a fan who traveled all the way from Haryana to Mumbai to see him.

A young Haryana man trekked for 42 days to reach Mumbai in order to meet Akshay Kumar. However, when he arrived in Mumbai, Akshay Kumar was not there, so the individual waited outside his house for him. When Akshay learned of it, he went to meet his fan right away.

5. MS Dhoni met a jaundiced fan and offered to support his journey to the Team India matches.

Ram Babu, a Dhoni supporter, frequently hoists the Indian flag at sporting events. When Dhoni found out he had dengue fever, he set up a meeting with the fan.

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