Maroon 5 are a Los Angeles, California-based pop rock band. Adam Levine, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jesse Carmichael, lead guitarist James Valentine, drummer Matt Flynn, keyboardist PJ Morton, and multi-instrumentalist and sometimes bassist Sam Farrar make up the current lineup.

Maroon 5 has won three Grammys, three American Music Awards, and three People’s Choice Awards, as well as five Teen Choice Awards and eight Billboard Music Awards. It earned the prize for “World’s Best New Group” at the 2004 World Music Awards.

The band Maroon 5 released a music video in which they gatecrashed a succession of weddings in Los Angeles. The band was making a video for their song Sugar, which was directed by David Dobkin, who also helmed the 2005 Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn film Wedding Crashers, and reintroduced the band’s theme.

“On December 6, 2014, we’re going to travel across Los Angeles and hit every wedding we possibly can, and it’s going to be great,” singer Adam Levine says at the start of the video.

The band then brings a white curtain to each of the lucky couples’ receptions, which they watch with puzzled faces before the curtain is taken down to reveal the band behind it.

Brides, grooms, guests, and even a wedding caterer appear to be absolutely taken aback when Maroon 5 shows up at their ceremonies.
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