The world now has cars that don’t run on fuel. Forget about running on fuel, we even have cars that don’t require drivers. We have developed Artificial Intelligence (AI), a technology that responds and reacts on commands given by us. We now have video calling features that are so clear that it makes us feels like the person is standing right next to us. Science is making everything possible for us. That makes our lives easy and liberal. Everything we need is available to us. All you have to do is swipe your fingers on the phone, and your product gets delivered. So, this is one way of being happy. To depend on technology to make our lives better and in a way make us happy.

Nature, on the other hand, is just the same as decades ago. Beautiful, refreshing, scenic and energetic all the time. Taking a sip of your coffee while you gaze into the sunrise or sitting on the beach watching the sun slowly take rest in the ocean, all these acts of nature only fill us with eternal peace and happiness. Some other features of nature include flowers, butterflies, trees, cool breezes, tiny songbirds and much more that are soothing to watch and experience. This type of happiness lasts longer because a smartphone may become outdated but flowers never do!

Nature has to be a superior source of happiness. It provides emotional health and peace just by its presence. The rapid growth in technology is greatly affecting this natural habitat. A large amount of use of plastics in electronics, heavy exploitation of metals, heavy consumption of natural fuel, all these phases are greatly contributing to the destruction of this beautiful nature. We need to act now and choose nature over technology. It is the only true means of happiness that never fades away. Nature is and always will be a happiness-giving feature of the earth.